Celebrating a special bond on International Friendship Day

This is why we do what we do

Our purpose of “Empowering businesses with the right talent” and building high-performance teams is actually about connecting with people, touching lives & making a difference. What makes us happy are the relationships and the bonds we form with our clients and candidates. This friendship day we wanted to share such a bond that one of our team members inadvertently formed….

Touching lives, one call at a time – by Meena Iyer

Back in 2018, I was working on one of the roles for our client. Sourcing and calling candidates are something that I do day in and day out as a part of my job as a Talent Hunter. Pallavi (Name changed) was just one such call for me. I succeeded in closing the role and moved on with other roles that I had and completely forgot about it. Pallavi joined the client and worked for 1.5 years then moved on for better career opportunities.

Last week, around 3 years after this incident, I got a call from an unknown number. I quickly picked it up thinking it would be one of the current potential candidates that I have been in touch with. Out of nowhere, it was Pallavi asking me if I remember who she was. Then she started to profusely thank me as to how my one call turned her life around. She said she was going through the darkest phase of her life, battling addiction, depression, and condescending comments from people around her. When no one trusted her and she had no confidence and will in herself, she said she received my call. She revealed that even then she was not serious about pursuing the opportunity that I had reached her out for. She truthfully shared that she missed the first meeting that I had scheduled with the client since she was completely drained and depressed to join the call. She thanked me for not giving up on her and when I followed up with her and made sure that she joined the meeting that I had rescheduled. After that, there was no turning back. She got the job, regained her confidence, gave up on all her vices.

She confided in me that before she got this break, she was a girl who had never stepped out of her home state – but now travels throughout the country, engaged with the top MNCs as her clients, and has grown by leaps and bounds and regained her self confidence. Pallavi called me her Angel and said that everyone should receive their “Meena’s call” in life when they feel they have hit a dead end.

Our takeaway

This experience has made us more motivated to continue with focus on our purpose & in that journey touch more lives, impact positively & form deep bonds. Happy International Friendship Day!

Meena Iyer (Manager- Talent Solutions)