Inspired by Google, as your talent partner, we believe in looking for “Smart Creatives” for your leadership hires.


Smart creatives are business savvy, have the technical knowledge, creative energy and a hands-on approach to getting things done. Their common characteristic is that they work hard and are willing to question the status quo and attack things differently. That is why they make such an impact.


We believe in hiring based on your values to have employees who integrate faster, are more aligned to your company’s vision and are more likely to be productive soon and become a long term employee.

Your competitive advantage

With our niche focus in the building industry, attention to quality and finding the right talent for you, candidates are reviewed , screened and assessed by our global team of knowledgeable professionals from the Industry; Architects , Engineers and HR professionals, Research and Data Specialists.


Kasturi Chatterjee



Kasturi, aka Kas to both clients and friends has been in people centric business roles in the global A&D (Architecture & Design) community for the last 15 years. Be it as a global business development director of an Architectural KPO which secured funding from Sequoia Capital or more recently as a Global Talent Acquisition head of one of the top design firms in Asia, at the core she connects with people. Her expertise lies in understanding of the A&D services industry and the talent infrastructure & community in the building industry. Driven by a natural curiosity to know people’s stories and a keen interest to find solutions to business problems, founding ‘Buildkonnect’ in 2015 was a natural step in her career journey which started as an undergraduate student in JJ College of Architecture in Mumbai. Buildkonnect as a talent partner to the building industry, has a vision to ‘connect great companies to the right people and connect great people to the right career path’.


Ruchika Koul



Ruchika is the CEO and founder of Metis Talent Management. She is passionate about developing programs that create synergistic success through the alignment of people’s potential with business strategy. In a world where the operating environment and career definitions are changing constantly, she believes it is critical that we evolve programs and frameworks that support the business strategy and people’s aspirations. She has worked across industries ranging from Design & Architecture, Hospitality & Real Estate, Banking & Financial Services, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG to the Public and Governmental sector in both corporate and consultant roles. Ruchika holds an MBA with specializations in HR and Marketing has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.


Chief Finance Officer, Singapore

Managing Director, Singapore

Head of Design, New Delhi

Head of procurement, Delhi

Head of Business Development, Singapore

Lead Quantity Surveyor, Chennai

Director of Architecture, Bangkok

Head of Human Resources, Bangalore

Head of Interior Design, Singapore

Head of Project Management, New Delhi


Kas is a true expert in the design and architecture recruitment industry. She has a deep understanding of the requirements and personalities of both the employer and candidate and are very astute in ensuring that there is a synergistic fit for a potential candidate in an offered role. She set up and ran our TAC team across Asia and did scores of hiring at various levels across the region. A go-getter with a passion for what she does, Kas is one of the best in her industry.
Arsh Chaudhry
CEO, Space Matrix

As a recruitment consultant, Kasturi is able to understand and align on what qualities a potential candidate has and how they will fit in culturally into a high performing team. It was a pleasure working with her and I really appreciate the open-mindedness and passion that she brings to the recruitment process.
Fiza Malhotra
Global Marketing Head, Space Matrix